Syzygy by Alicorn

Syzygy is a webcomic about a shapeshifting dimension hopper on an interminable quest to find her missing lifemate. In February 2007, the archives (97 pages of them) were deleted as a result of a serious miscommunication between myself and someone assisting me with the site. I didn't keep backups (a habit I have since changed, rest assured). Until April, the files were inaccessible, and I declared the comic dead, unwilling to try to reconstruct the archives or forge ahead without them. The only comics which had been salvaged were the first two (harvested from the Wayback Machine) and the last two (created recently enough that I still had copies on my hard drive).

However, the files were recovered on April 19 by the same person who deleted them.

I'm now committed to another webcomic project, which I don't want to give up to make time and artistic energy for Syzygy. I've also already done my grieving for Syzygy, so to speak, and trying to revitalize it now would be an emotional ordeal I'm not currently prepared to undertake. However, I am going to re-date and re-post all 97 comics, one each day.

This will take a little over three months to run through the archive at a rate of one a day. So if you are a fan of Syzygy and you want to see new pages in the story at the end of it, here's what you do: you get all your friends to read it, and you contact me to let me know you like it. I have a stat counter on this page, and while I'm not currently able to bring myself to continue Syzygy purely as a labor of love, if there are a lot of people who want to see more, I just might muster up the inclination if I think I can do it without sacrificing my other webcomic or stifling future ideas.

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